SARG Academic Links

YearInstituteResearchSARG Contribution
2009 Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE); University of Kent Reptile detectability: determining the methods and confidence for presence and absence survey, supporting the National Amphibian and Reptile Recording Scheme (NARRS).
  • Both the PhD and MSc posts are filled by SARG members.
  • SARG facilitated access to Surrey research sites.
  • SARG reptile distribution knowledge.
2009 Oxford Brookes University Sand lizard micro-habitat selection: An investigation into the habitat preferences of Sand lizards; possibly comparing successful introduction sites with those that have not succeeded.
  • SARG expertise of Sand lizard ecology and distribution
2008-9 Edward Grey Institute, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford Wall lizard genetic analysis: A project to determine genetic bottlenecks in an indroduced and geographically isolated species.
  • SARG "Wall lizard in the UK" research.
2008 Institute of Zoology, London UK Chytrid distribution survey
  • SARG introduced species (vectors) database
2003-5 Farnborough College, University of Surrey The influence of Microhabitat on the behaviour of the Great Crested newt in their capture in bottletraps.
  • PhD Thesis. SARG expertise of GCN ecology and distribution.
2002-4 Department of Geography, University College London The Diet of the Marsh Frog [Rana ridibunda] at the London Wetland Centre.
  • Advice to M.Sc student. SARG expertise re behaviour and distribution of Marsh Frog.
2001-3 Bishop Burton College, University of Hull An evaluation of non-indigenous anurans living in the Hull valley and Holderness Plain area of East Yorkshire.
  • Advice for B.Sc Dissertation. SARG expertise of Marsh frog identification, distribution and ecology.